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Trait of Effective Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Quality of Effective Communication - Essay Example Not to overlook however, that successful correspondence may likewise be characterized as the manner in which an individual uses his non-verbal communication so as to pass on his message. This should be possible through the gesture of the head, raising of the eyebrow, slouching of the shoulders... Any of these previously mentioned technique for correspondence can be taken to characterize what viable correspondence is about. 2. There are two qualities that are vital in successful correspondence. The main attribute is talking plainly. By talking obviously and appropriately clarifying what it is that you wish to have someone else comprehend, he will have the option to get an away from of what it is that you are attempting to state. Being certain to utilize words that you are certain the individual one is addressing can comprehend, one can be certain that his message will be gotten and comprehended. The second significant quality of compelling correspondence has an inseparable tie to the capacity of an individual to listen mindfully and effectively. By listening mindfully, one can focus on the message being conveyed by the individual talking. It will likewise take into consideration a superior investigation of the conversation and dynamic support as one will have the option to appropriately suggest explanation conversation starters at whatever point the need emerges. 3. A case of a correspondence break that can happen which can bring about the twisting of a message frequently happens with the composed word. This is on the grounds that the composed word can change its importance relying on the accentuation utilized or the mixed up setting of a message. Something as straightforward as â€Å"Dont surge me! Im leaving now!† in an instant message can either be taken as a furious message by the beneficiary or as a message of fervor. All relying on how the message was seen by the opposite side. Then again, a message, for example, â€Å"Dont trouble. I can do it.â⠂¬  when spoken can be taken as either exasperated, furious, or essentially an announcement by the individual hearing it. All relying on the vocal inflection of the speaker.

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Quack-Quack free essay sample

Quack-Quack. Its 6: 15!! Another disdainful morning starts with New York stun muscle head radio host Don Imus and his move call. At that point a terrible impersonation of Rush Limbaugh introduces itself, remarking on the Rodney King preliminaries or the Whitewater outrage. Be that as it may, at 6: 15, none of this bodes well. Notwithstanding my folks endeavor to shield me, I despite everything feel the agony of my grandmas disease. Here and there things are unreasonable, and Im attempting to see how individuals manage their circumstances. Consistently appeared to get more earnestly since my grandparents moved in with us. My grandma has Alzheimers, and my granddad couldnt manage it. My mom needs to think about her mom, and my dad is disappointed with the circumstance. This was all befuddling for me: I pulled back from the family however much as could be expected. In spite of the fact that everybody has been attempting to be honorable, it has put a strain on us. As a result of this circumstance, I lost piece of my secondary school understanding. We will compose a custom exposition test on Quack-Quack or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page For a long time, my grandmas ailment weakened her as well as squashed my family. Living with this has not been simple for me. I attempted to make the best choice have empathy for my grandma and be steady of my people, however this was no simple errand. I was not totally fruitful so I attempted to turn out to be progressively associated with my school network. I didnt acknowledge how sound a decision it was from the start, however it spared my mental stability and gave me an abundance of encounters where I developed as an individual. I invited the test since it allowed me to reinforce my character and help my family. My decision of adjusting has given me a more prominent feeling of freedom and center to my life. In this way, as Don Imus quacks away with his poor impersonations of recent developments, I center around living and benefiting as much as possible from my reality. In doing so Ive learned I help myself as well as my family.

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[GUEST POST] CPWgCPWaCPWyCPW I hope you have a GAY CPW!!! Thanks Yuliya for hosting this blog!  I’m not out off-campus, so I have to post this anonymously MIT is hella gay, and lots of cool gay events are happening during CPW! If you want to learn how to be [emailprotected] or want to meet some Super Dope gays on campus, consider coming to these events!!!! But first I want to give you the scoop about how gay things are organized on campus. There are four main clubs: [emailprotected] (Gays at MT) This is the first and oldest lgbtq+ club on campus! I’m like half involved (um yeahthat’s the most apt way to put it haha), and we do a bunch of cool big events throughout the year like a Intercollegiate Valentines Day Ball and a Coming Out Ball to celebrate coming out day! Queer West Queer West is my FAMMMMM! I am fully (maybe even more than fully?!) involved and absolutely love it! I have made some of my closest friends through this club! Queer West started about 5 years ago in response to the general cultural divide between East and West Campus. This is honestly something that really deserves it’s own (or even multiple posts), but a shortened (and not at all nuanced) way of putting it is that East Campus is more gay than West Campus. So Queer West came about to Make West Campus Gay Again (this is our unofficial official motto). Affiliated This is a club that is for LGBTQ+ folk in fraternities and Sororities! They host super cool events, but I’m not involved because I’m not affiliated in any frat or sorority. Parrot Fish This recently became a club, and I have also not been involved yet, but really want to be! They are the gender fluidity club on campus! Fun Fact: The exec people of all these four clubs have a GAY â„¢ group chat where we are slowly* planning to enforce our gay agenda on all of campus. (*jk were working real quick) Fun Fact 2: We all have our tables near each other in the Gay corner of Activities Midway. Come join our gay cults! We will throw* rainbow candy and gay pins at you! (*jk thats a safety hazard) Anywaysssss…. Onto the EVENTS!!!* *these are not all of them, but the ones I am involved in/plan on attending Queer West and Simmons Join Queer West and Simmons residents for an informal meet and greet! Snacks will be provided and we will also be screening a couple episodes of One Day at a Time!! This is Queer West’s default event playing gay content on a screen, serving snacks, and then chill convo after. We’re excited to be collabing with Simmons for this! Queer Life @MIT Panel Come listen to queer MIT students talk about their experiences! Ask questions about coming out to family, being out on campus, resources, queer groups at MIT, and more. This is an awesome to way to get the TEA from current students. Rainbow Lounge Open House Join us in the newly renovated Rainbow Lounge for yummy food, a Queer Treasure Chest, music, dancing, and lots of great people…what a great way to spend a Friday afternoon! Please join us to celebrate and welcome new MIT pre-frosh into the LBGTQ community and their allies at MIT. The Rainbow Lounge is a beautiful and amazing and welcoming place! Please go to this! Coming Out Camping Come out camping* with the members of Queer West to roast marshmallows, eat smores, and share your favorite coming out stories (if you want)! Everyone is welcome! *Disclaimer: Not real camping. Real smores, though. Queer west hosts one of these every CPW and Freshman Orientation! This is THE FIRST gay event I went to ever, actually during orientation (because I wasn’t out during my cpw). So this event holds a VERY special place in my heart. Family Dinner Please join us to welcome pre-frosh into the LBGTQ and LBGTQ-friendly community at MIT! A found-family dinner with [emailprotected]! FOOD!!! Also gayyyyyy! Knit Your Own Pride Gear Come make rainbow scarves, wristbands, arm warmers, and amorphous blobs of yarn with [emailprotected]! No yarn, needles, or knitting knowledge required. Everyone is welcome! I will be helping teach people how to knit at this event!! So even if you’re a beginner, stop by!!! Queer Ladies Movie Night We’re all queer here! Come join the ladies of Loop to watch cheesy queer movies (happy ending guaranteed) and decorate pride flag cookies. People of all genders and sexualities welcome. This will be wholesome and amazing and I hope they play D.E.B.S.! There is another gay event, but its a secret….shhhhh don’t tell anyone I hope you have a GAY CPW!!! Post Tagged #[emailprotected] #LGBTQ+ #Queer Ladies #Queer West #Rainbow Lounge

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Feed Your Brain The Best Foods to Eat Before a Test

We all know that good nutrition, or brain food, can give us energy and help us live longer, more satisfying lifestyles. That doesnt mean you can eat a banana and score 1600 on the Redesigned  SAT.  But did you know that brain food can actually get you a better test score? Green tea Key Ingredient: PolyphenolsTest Help: Brain protection and mood enhancement According to Psychology Today, polyphenols, the bitter-tasting substance in green tea, can actually protect the brain from your standard wear and tear. Its restorative, which helps growth on the cellular level. Plus, green tea has been known to encourage dopamine production, which is key to a positive mental state. And really, when you are going to take a test, you absolutely must have a positive attitude about it, or youll doom yourself to second-guessing, worry, and fear, which do not good scores make. Eggs Key Ingredient: CholineTest Help: Memory improvement Choline, the B-vitamin-like substance our bodies need, can help your brain do something its good at; remember stuff. Some studies have found that increasing choline intake can improve memory, and egg yolks are among the richest and easiest natural sources of choline. So scramble them up a few months before testing day to see if it helps you remember how to fill in an oval. Wild Salmon Key Ingredient: Omega-3-fatty acidsTest Help: Brain function improvement The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is the major polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the brain. Eating food rich in omega-3s, like wild-caught salmon, can improve brain function and mood. And improved brain function (reasoning, listening, responding, etc.) can lead to a higher test score. Allergic to fish? Try walnuts. Squirrels cant have all the fun. Dark Chocolate Key Ingredient: Flavonoids and CaffeineTest Help: Focus and Concentration We have all heard for a while now that in small quantities, 75 percent cacao content or higher dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and cholesterol because of its powerful antioxidant properties from the flavonoids. You cant watch the news without hearing some report about it, especially around Valentines Day. But one of the best uses of dark chocolate comes from its natural stimulant: caffeine. Why? It can help you focus your energy. Beware, though. Too much caffeine will send you through the roof and can actually work against you when you sit down to test. So eat the dark chocolate in isolation - dont mix it with coffee or tea before you test. Acai Berries Key Ingredients: Antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acidsTest Help: Brain Function and Mood Acai has become so popular, that it seems clichà © to want to consume it. For test-takers, though, the incredibly high antioxidant levels can help blood flow to the brain, which means, in short, itll work better. And, since the acai berry has a ton of omega-3s, it works on your mood, too, so youll be more confident of your abilities as youre working your way through complex math problems. So, on test day, why not try a cup of green tea, some scrambled eggs mixed with smoked wild-caught salmon, and an Acai smoothie followed by a piece of dark chocolate? Worst case scenario? Youve had a healthy breakfast. Best case scenario? You improve your testing score.

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Child Law And Parental Responsibility - 2916 Words

Introduction In the 21st century, there are significant changes in the family law. Child law was focus on Children Act 1989 in England and Wales. It is ‘the most comprehensive enactment on children in our legislative history’ and ‘undoubtedly one of the most radical and far-reaching reforms of the †¦ law affecting children’. This is where one said â€Å"Children do not live in vacuum, but within a family and an important part of their protection is that the family unit, no matter what form it takes, enjoys adequate and equal legal recognition and protection†. Here, essay will proceed in various parts: Part 1 explains the concept of parental responsibility. Part 2 discuss whether all fathers should get automatic parental responsibility. Part 3 looks at recommendations and reforms on addressing the issues of parental responsibility. Part 1: Parental Responsibility The recent developments in the law of parental responsibility is the wider range of individuals who can acquire it, and this has led some commentators to talk of a degradation in the meaning of parental responsibility. Parental responsibility was introduced by the Children Act 1989. ‘All rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property.’ ‘Parental responsibility has a decision-making power and authority to provide effective long-term care for a child.’ The Law Commission emphasizes the list ‘to meet differing needs andShow MoreRelatedParental Responsibility, a Deterrent to Juvenile Crime821 Words   |  4 PagesParental Responsibility, a Deterrent to Juvenile Crime Growing up in a family where both parents have thirty years experience working in the juvenile justice system, I have learned to value and respect parental responsibility for their children and their childrens behavior. In 1995, a small community in the Willamette Valley, passed an ordinance which held parents responsible in just this way. The ordinance (No. 94-132) that was adopted in Silverton OR, in 1995 charged parents with the misdemeanorRead MoreFather Parental Rights And The Child s Social Development1646 Words   |  7 PagesFather Parental Rights Introduction We are used to the situation when the rights of children and parents in families are clearly defined. We promote widely accepted beliefs, that parents are responsible for their children, and are obliged to take care of children, providing them with home, food, clothes, and various social opportunities. Traditional family will imply the existence of a happy married couple with at least two children, who possess sufficient freedom and areRead More Parental Rights Essay629 Words   |  3 Pageson the Parental Responsibility Act nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Eighteen cases, in 1990, resulted in a parent serving time in jail for crimes committed by his or her child. In my opinion, I feel that parents should not be held responsible if his or her child commits a crime. There are a couple of reasons why I feel this is not a good law. First, I believe no parent can keep track of their son or daughter 24 hours a day. In a real world parents have far more to do than to monitor their child everyRead Moreâ€Å"â€Å"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a1300 Words   |  6 Pagesright paths, but the final forming of a persons character lies in their own hands.† .Parental responsibility means being responsible for your child’s wellbeing, looking after your child every day, feeding and clothing your child, making decisions about their schooling, deciding whether to consent to medical treatment and making decisions about their religious upbringing. In parental rights and parental responsibilities the court upheld the power of states to force parents to ensure that their childrenRead MoreLegal Issues For Gay And Lesbian Adoption And Parental Rights1626 Words   |  7 PagesRE: Legal Issues for Gay and Lesbian Adoption and Parental Rights Issue Although adoption can be difficult for any single person or married couple, adoption for the gay and lesbian population presents a unique set of challenges both societal and legal. Whether constitutional or not, special rules apply to same gay and lesbian adoption. Under current legislation, is same sex adoption fully legal and how do the laws on the subject measure with regard to equality to adoption among heterosexualRead MoreThe Expression And Parental Responsibility1443 Words   |  6 Pages The expression â€Å"Parental Responsibility† (PR) marks a revolution in the Children Act 1989, aspiring to alter the parent-child relationship from rights to duties and responsibilities. This terminology justified the House of Lords’ decision in Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech AHA where Lord Fraser commented: â€Å"[Parental rights†¦ do not exist for the benefit of the parent†¦ rather to enable the parent to perform his duties towards the child†¦] . In ac cordance, s3 Children Act 1989 (CA 1989) definedRead MoreLegislative History Of Parental Right911 Words   |  4 PagesLegislative History of Parental Right In the past, societies were predominately rural in nature, and the bulk of the population lived off agriculture and handicraft. The family was crucial in developing and teaching the children economically-useful skills. The parents had power in deciding how, where, and who educated their children. In this modern time, the government has increasingly taken away power and authority from parents over their children. In the course of this happening, parents cededRead MoreHsc Legal Studies Family Essay1114 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Society moves ahead and the law limps behind† Discuss this referring to contemporary issues in family Society’s opinions are constantly, and rapidly changing, and consequently this poses significant challenges to the family law system in Australia. A family is a social unit containing individuals related by blood, marriage or other legally recognised relationships. Family law reforms have been implemented over the past three decades, entailing the recognition of same sex couples. FurthermoreRead MoreAnalysis: The Family Law Act of 19751200 Words   |  5 PagesCase Law on Family Violence Under the Family Law Act 1975 Introduction The status of women in society has evolved over time. In the ancient days, the place of women was determined by the male population, and the elected for them was under the mandate of their fathers and husbands. Therefore, the law statutory or case law, as a product of society, perpetuated the place of women under the authority of men. This paper will then focus on the status of Family Law before 1975, after the Family Law ActRead MoreShould Parents Be Held Accountable for Their Childrens Crimes?1138 Words   |  4 Pagescrucial role in upbringing their children to become exemplary citizens. Despite this enormous responsibility parent have they face challenges when they find their children adopting wayward course in life. There is a rise in the number of juvenile crimes. One wonders why there is an accelerated increase in the crimes while, on the other hand, a different perspective emerges (Sowell 100-101). What is the responsibility of parents in the development of their children to be model citizens? Should they be responsible

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Intermediate Accounting Free Essays

Deflation of consistency (vs.. Comparability) 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Intermediate Accounting or any similar topic only for you Order Now Relevance vs.. Faithful representation a. Investors want information right now 3. Calculate net assets 4. Adjusting entries related to Prepaid Insurance 5. Fundamental qualities of useful accounting information a. Chart In beginning chapters that has relevance, neutrality, etc. 6. Costs that are expensed vs.. Costs that are capitalized for Internally created Intangible assets a. What did we do with RD costs? 7. Calculate percentage and number of periods for quarterly compounding interest a. Time value of money . Straight-line depreciation a. For an asset that originally had a nine year useful life and decided later that it only had 5 year useful life. Change the depreciation expense 9. Under which cash flows statement category certain satellites fall a. Investing, Financing, or Operating? 10. Review the â€Å"Land† problem related to lump-sum purchases a. Look back at chapter with example about buying a huge tract of land, then land was divided, had to allocate cost of the land. B. Boxes are yellow 11. Calculate goodwill a. Purchase price – fair value market of the net assets 12. Calculate depletion . Like depreciation, except for natural resources 13. Ordinary annuity vs.. Annuity due a. Ordinary annuity happens at the end of a period b. Annuity due happens at the beginning of a period 14. Where should treasury stock be reported? A. On the balance sheet under stockholders equity 15. Bank reconciliation (compute the correct cash balance) 16. Compute ending balance In allowance for unconvertible accounts given the percentage of receivables method is used a. Calculate the ending balance in allowance for doubtful accounts 17. Diagram depiction of TV concept a. Chart is given b. Present value of an annuity due, present value of an ordinary annuity? 18. Revenue recognition – magazine subscriptions a. When do we recognize revenue? B. We recognize revenue when we earn it 19. Identify selling expense 20. Compute the floor when apply lower-of-cost-or-market 21 . Compute double-declining balance depreciation expense 22. Impairment of machinery 23. Land vs.. Land Improvements receivable gross method (vs.. Net method) 26. Compute annual insurance expense given premiums paid and prepaid insurance beginning and ending balances 27. Yield from various compounding interest approaches (yearly vs.. Monthly vs.. Weekly) 28. On what type of intangible is recoverability test used? 29. Events that have no effect on net income 30. Capitalization vs.. Expense of expenditures related to a machine 31 . Ingredients of relevance 32. Major distinction between FAST and APP 33. Entry to write off unconvertible accounts using the allowance method 34. Journal entry related to unea rned revenue 35. What is consigned inventory 36. Accounting for goods in transit purchased f. O. B destination/f. O. B shipping point 37. Compute PEPS 38. Common stock issued to buy machine – how does this affect statement of cash lows 39. Why use accrual accounting? 40. Publicly traded companies submit financial statements to whom? 41 . Compute net realizable value 42. What principle is violated when a company switches inventory valuation methods from year to year? 43. Characteristics of a perpetual inventory system 44. Capitalized costs of self-constructed assets 45. Compute net accounts receivable 46. Identify cash and cash equivalents 47. Primary users of general-purpose financial statements 48. Characteristics of plant assets 49. Examples of downward earnings management 50. Calculate goodwill How to cite Intermediate Accounting, Papers

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Power point use in work envirnoment free essay sample

Cynthia Computer Application-205 Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Microsoft Word-Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 lead global in the development and production of software and software-related services and solutions. Initially known for home computers, Microsoft, headquartered in Washington, now offers various operating systems and software for desktop computers. This multinational company strives to help the worldwide business community improve efficiency and productivity. In recent years, this company has battled criticism concerning what some consider monopolistic, anti-competitive business practices. Despite legal setbacks including antitrust violations sanctioned by the US Department of Justice, Microsoft remains a major player in its field. In today’s business environment demands the sharing of data, mobile technology and speedy communication. Microsoft provides tools enabling business to be productive and communicate effectively regardless of location. Outlook serves as the portal for e-mail, tasks, calendar and contacts. Microsoft office line workspace, boasting online storage space, enables users to save access and share documents throughout the world. We will write a custom essay sample on Power point use in work envirnoment or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Mobile Technology like smartphones, which supply the user with advanced computing options allow you to stay connected to businesses. Microsoft office Accounting Express 2008 offers small start-up or at home businesses a resource for accounting processing and procedures. The software includes invoices, budget and finance template and profit and loss statements. Office Excel surpasses manual, paper-based spreadsheets in terms of ease of use and accuracy. Businesses confront an ever-growing number of security threats. Many businesses elect to use Microsoft Vista operating system as a measure to protect their data. Vista boasts account control, troubleshooting and diagnostic features and spyware blocker. Microsoft Security Essentials, introduce in 2009, offers antimalware solutions at no cost to consumers who use Genuine Windows-based PCs. Large business may choose Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate; Ultimate offers Bit Lockers Drive Encryption for maximum data protection. Microsoft lost its standing as the leading global software company in May 2010. Apple, once on the verge of extinction focused on innovative, new consumer products to generate growth; a popular line of hand-held devices contributed to the company’s surge in profitability. In contrast, Microsoft, despite sporadic new systems releases, primarily lies mainly on preserving the existing business. Although Microsoft remains a strong player in the market, the company continues to face stiff competition. PowerPoint is an excellent tool for employee training and online learning. Business owners and company managers can use the programs to create compelling and interactive slide shows to demonstrate new products, train new workers and help existing customers get the most out of the products they buy. In fact there are a great many advantages to using PowerPoint as an online learning tool. One of the most powerful things about PowerPoint is the fact that it can corporate animation features and clip art. Its ability to incorporate sound is another powerful benefit of PowerPoint as an online learning tool. The sound functions of this program can make the slide show more interactive and less boring, and too can encourage visitors to stay with the training. Companies can use this interactive feature of PowerPoint to overcome problems and make their training sessions compelling. PowerPoint contains a number of powerful interactivity tools that makes it easy for users to engage the attention of the entire online audience. The improvement done to Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 is the ability to group the dates in the dropdown list into years and months. That means you don’t have to create a new column to identify the years and months of each row using Excel formulas. In Excel 2010, you can customize your own Ribbon tab. It can be used as commands in one place. In this way you do not have to click from one tab to another to find your commonly used command. In the earlier years of Excel (2003 and below), sorting can only be done based on the color coding in the cell, Not only that, you can also sort the records by the font color. That’s new in Excel 2002 and 2010. Multiple conditional is not made easy Excel 2007 and 2010. In the older Excel version 2003 and below, we are to count based on one single condition. When using Excel 2003, multiple conditions sum has to be done using the formula SUMPRODUCT or combining all the conditions into one before applying the formula SUMIF to data. With the new Excel 2007, you can now easily sum up the values based on more than one condition by using the SUMIF’s fomula.